Chemical Friends EP

by Puppet Rebellion

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Puppet Rebellion were formed in January 2013. Simon is the singer of Puppet Rebellion. He is a man. He writes lyrics that mean things and the rest of the band write music that sounds good. Would tell you more about that, but it's hard to describe music, isn't it? Paul and Craig are also men, and they both play guitar. James plays bass and he is most people's favourite. Chris plays drums and once had an aneurism or something.

Puppet Rebellion distribute flyers full of lies around Manchester and other places where they play. Don't know why. They got played during half time at a Manchester United football match recently, which made Simon really happy because he is a big fan.You can check where they play live on their website - they do lots of gigs that get good crowds. They also talk to a lot of people on Twitter, if you're interested in that.

They released an EP in July 2013 called 'Chemical Friends' which got loads of good reviews, there’s some quotes below but you should really make your own mind up as to whether or not you like it - so you can listen to it on Soundcloud or download it from iTunes if you want.

Louder Than War said...

“Already, there’s a feeling that they could be huge given the right breaks and they've won over a new set of fans tonight.”

City Life said...

"Their relentless riffs, tight rhythms and fervent vocals ooze the stomping potential that could easily find you raucously jerking your way round an indie club dancefloor. Move over Bloc Party and Interpol, theres a new guitar sensation in town!"

Little Indie Blogs said...

“Expect big things soon from Puppet Rebellion.”

U & I Magazine said...I Music Magazine said...

“The intelligent and sharp lyricism combined with a fresh take on a well-trodden genre make Puppet Rebellion one of the most exciting acts to emerge from Manchester in 2013, and with their live shows doing nothing to hamper their reputation it's clear that the band have absolutely no intention of slowing down their ascent to the top of their game”

Rock ‘n’ Roll in My Soul said...

“After being comatose for ages, the music scene receives a jolt of electricity in the form of Puppet Rebellion – a band set to make a lot of industry people very angry, and a generation feeling revived, alive and invincible.”

A Little Bit Louder said...

“Puppet Rebellion have a rare combination of both great music and lyrical depth that may just see them being the architects of future indie anthems from Manchester.”

Music Junkie said...

“I imagine this band is set to rise, and with a hugely popular indie scene in the UK, these guys are sure to be the next big thing.”

Given To Sound said...

“There’s a feeling when you listen to the EP that it isn’t designed to slowly grow on you, it’s almost as if it doesn’t want to wait for that, it’s not going to politely sit and wait for you to mull it over and decide if it’s interesting or not – it’s going to grab you by the unmentionables and take you on a quality ride.”

140 Plus said...

“As I witness the stream of overwhelmingly positive remarks directed at this young band, and I consolidate that with my own opinion, it is clear this band is headed for big things”

What a load of Cobblers said...

“All in all the Chemical Friends EP is a brilliant record full of venue-filling promise and
breath of fresh air in an indie scene becoming overwrought with electronic beats and synthesizers. Hopefully Chemical Friends is just a small peek at the potential of the Manchester quintet who’ve produced three remarkably accomplished tracks for a band so relatively new on the scene. Puppet Rebellion come highly recommended… 4 ½ out of 5!”


released December 4, 2013

Puppet Rebellion



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